Thursday, July 30, 2009

islam itu bukan mudah

dont hentam me..dont hate me..its not my opinion.but i stand tall behind it.

during my student years. in one of the classes i ustaz said: islam is not an easy religion..yes its flexible..but its not easy. islam susah..bukan senang." u kena sembahyang ikut masa, puasa, haji.soal ibadah yang lain..dosa pahala. think about it.if you commit wrong doing, you got sin/hell if u commit good then theres heaven for you"

Most of us in the lecture theater turns to each other with jar dropping faces.whispers started .some budak sekolah agama tarik muka. i remained calm as deep blue sea untouchable. because i know there should be a strong and logical reasoning behinds those Muslim-not-be-touched topic. funny..theres a taboo such as that.

Ustaz started by "to be or become an army is not easy, first step : you have to make sure that u WANT to be an army, you WANT to join the army. then u went to the physical and other necessary tests. later on the authority sent you to the camp and undergo for more training and learning. basically you adapted the army's life. all the protocols and all the routines. however there are some lucky people was born as army, all the have to do is to practice all the routines.

"if an army break any rules although a simple stupid rule as stated in the army books of rules, he shall be punished. if he's being good, there's a reward. life is about balance yin and yang." ustaz said.

later he add "life as an army is not easy, there are routines that you have to follow everyday every minutes. you have to wake up early in the morning and perform the morning parade then continue the day with parades, chores and so on. having said that you can only 'escape' all those routines if you're not feeling well then you have to repeat all those chores and routines all again.devotedly.yes devotedly."

then he added " if you can makan bola minum bola tido bola, so can and shall the army too" the whole class laughed uneasily.

i don't think i have to continue my story here as i assumed that you guys get it. at the end of the class i asked my ustaz.." can i quit from be an army?" the answer is "yes.. person can't force another person to join the army, because it is about the quality. so what if there's only a platoon than having a battalions of non-quality armies." then i ask again"will the army kill me if i quit?"
"NO" he said before added "not if you become a threat to them".


  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    wow...nice story to read...what to do rite.we have our own opinion when it comes to matter which is sensitive to be talked about...

  2. benar..ada banyak pendapat..ini cuma cerita kecil dari ingatan lama.

  3. what is jar dropping face?? ahahahhahahaha
    JAW dropping kot ;p

  4. its definitely jaw dear, humble mistakes