Friday, March 14, 2008

wad..u need to answer this! : ok lah

1) Single, Taken, Naked, or Flirt?
* single..naked and flirting

2 ) Are you happy with that?
* u wanna know? come here..(wink)

3) Would you still kiss your ex?
* ass!

4) Have you ever had your heart
* yes..

5) Do you believe that there are
certain circumstances where cheating
is ok?
* yes! but not to me..i kill ya

7 ) Have you ever talked about
marriage? with whom??
* why? do i look kind of those?

8) Do you want children?
* can i say yes?

9) How Many?
* 4..maybe 3..i cant really predict..

10) If someone liked you right now,
would you want them to tell you?
* call me!

11) Do you want someone you cant have?
* yes all the time..but im not whining..

12) Have you ever been in love?
* yes..and yes

13) Do you believe in celebrating
* yes lor..aya why la tanya such tang..

14) Do you believe that you can
change for someone?
* no..why?

15 ) Is it a good day?
* maybe not today..wait.donno lah

16 ) Have you ever broken a heart
* i already answer this u pin head

17) Does your ex still have feelings
for you?
* how would i know?u go and ask that person..

18.) how many has viewed ur profile?
* y u wanna know?

19) Do you believe in long
distance relationships?
* yes..and no..wait cant really tell.


  1. Would you like to have lunch with me some other time?

  2. me answer yes..nanti i bagi u my tepon no